Fraud, theft and embezzlement are by their very nature secretive and deceitful. The discovery that a trusted employee, trustee, or business partner has stolen often leaves the victim wondering where to turn. Contacting Kirk & Toberty can mean the difference between fast and efficient recovery of the stolen funds, and years of frustration.

California law provides significant mechanisms for victims of theft/embezzlement to quickly and efficiently seize assets of the perpetrator. For example, although not widely recognized, in certain situations California law permits a victim of theft, fraud, or embezzlement to immediately file a lawsuit against the perpetrator and IMMEDIATELY FREEZE HIS OR HER ASSETS. A Sheriff or Marshal will then seize those assets. The court will hold them until you have proven your case against the perpetrator, at which time you receive all of the stolen funds, plus interest out of the seized funds. You may even be able to recover all your attorneys fees and costs.

The use of these special procedures, including Right to Attach Orders and Writ of Attachments, is highly technical. In order to successfully represent you, your attorney must experienced in handling prejudgment Right to Attach Orders, Writs of Attachment and the law relating to implied-in-law contracts.

While we cannot guarantee that past results are an indication of performance in any particular case, retaining an attorney specifically skilled in this area is the key to a favorable outcome. We have more than twenty years of experience and a track record of successful results. We have successfully argued for and obtained temporary restraining orders and writs of attachment against defendant’s assets without any notice to the defendant.

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