Embezzlement by Employee – K&T recovered $3,000,000 from Defendants within 4 months

After its own initial investigation, our client concluded that two of its employees had been involved in a long term embezzlement totaling as much as  $3,000,000 over several years. One of the employees was within days of closing escrow on the sale of his home, for which he anticipated receiving approximately $1,500,000 in cash. We obtained an order WITHOUT NOTICE to the employees prohibiting the sale of that home, or the transfer of any other assets. Within four months of being retained, we recovered nearly all the embezzled funds and accrued interest.

Fraud and Embezzlement by Real Estate Broker – K&T Obtained an Immediate Order for Seizure of Broker Assets

Our client was the victim of an elaborate embezzlement scheme by their real estate broker, suffering losses of more than $400,000. Within a matter of days, our firm conducted its initial investigation, prepared and filed a lawsuit against all of the responsible parties and obtained an order against the broker freezing his personal assets. The firm traced the embezzled funds to numerous locations (including Central America) and assets, and obtained a judgment against the broker after trial. The firm was able to seize and sell all of the broker’s assets that had been previously seized in satisfaction of the judgment. Several months later the broker was prosecuted and sent to state prison.

Contractor Fraud on Home Remodeling Project – K&T Obtained Favorable Settlement Within Eight Weeks of Filing Lawsuit 

After collecting more than his contract amount from our client on an extensive home remodeling project, a contractor abandoned the project and fled the jurisdiction. After our investigation we concluded that the behavior was fraudulent. The court granted our request for an immediate order permitting us to seize more than $250,000 of the contractor’s personal assets (which was the amount necessary to complete the project) pending trial. After the court granted our request, the contractor settled the case within eight (8) weeks.

Fraudulent Use of Company Credit Cards and Embezzlement by Employee – K&T Obtained Immediate Lien on Employee’s Home 

We were retained to investigate suspicious credit card transactions by an employee on his company credit card. After our investigation confirmed that the employee had been involved in several different schemes to defraud our client of more than $70,000 worth of goods and services we filed a lawsuit and request for the court to immediately freeze and seize the employee’s assets. The court granted our request within a few days. Within eight (8) months, the employee settled the case by paying back the entire principal amount of the goods and services he had stolen. Although the employer reported this matter to the police, no criminal charges were ever filed against the employee.

*The cases set forth below are a sampling of results achieved for our clients. This is a partial list and does not constitute a promise of any kind. Please remember that these cases and the results achieved were determinant on many factors and results differ from case to case depending on the circumstances particular to each instance.

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